0:00 / 6:01 "New Names of the Province".Grand piano "Red October" it's tuned Max #2. Ozinky chronicles, 29.10.18

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0:00 / 6:01 "New Names of the Province".Grand piano "Red October" it's tuned Max #2. Ozinky chronicles, 29.10.18

Post by maxim_tuner » 21 Apr 2019, 14:33

The competition was attended by pupils of the Children's Art School, who were prepared for it's performance by conductors teachers of this institution of additional education. The concert program included 26 everything numbers. It's includes a playing on musical instruments (solo performance) and dance numbers. For the first time, the jury presented the artworks of children studying at the art department of the School of Arts, also included musical and choreographic compositions, puppet shows.

The jury, which included: a methodologist of the department for coordinating the activities of educational organizations in the region of the Saratov regional educational and methodological center N.Ye. Mikhailova, lecturer of the cyclic commission "Choral Conducting" of the Saratov Regional College of Arts by name O.V. Oschepkova, a teacher of the highest category of the Central Children's Music School in Saratov, Ye.G. Alferova, teacher of the highest category of the Children's Art School.by name V.V. Kovaleva municipal formation "City of Saratov" T.V. Chubarov.
I had to closely monitor the performance of the participants of the competition. To say that the guys and girls were not worried would be wrong. Of course, they long time and stubbornly went to it's concert to showing their skill and talent performed at this stage.

And to look, really was what here in. The vocal and choral group by name "Arioso" by woman conductor E.S.Senckevich, always amazes with it's many tember voices and vocal singing skills, the ability to perform virtuosly work in one breath there. But this time, the guys have surpassed themselves, I'm think.
Valentina Alontseva, Yaroslav Kisilyov, with her playing the accordion, showed how close this instrument is to them too.
Egor Zimenkov, Ivan Stepantsov, Ali Isengaliev, Alexei Baranov with the support of teacher of children's schools by accordion class N.A. Shvydkovoy forced the viewer no breath. Polina Galitskaya, Maria Gulak, Maria Oleinikova, Sarsen Incarbekova (upright piano) and others were able to subordinate grand piano, make it laugh and sob theirs playing. The performance of Nikita Kutakhin and Andrei Kulzhanov, known as the duo "NikAnder", took place nice again.
The "dance", a children's dance group known in the region, " has flashing" on the dance floor, adding to the grace and plasticity the brightness of theirs costumes and owns enthusiasm that was passed to all those who came to see and support the contestants on this important day.

The jury had the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the guys from "CANAREYKA" original name (canary-finch) puppet theater. Although the artists themselves are not visible during the performance, they tried to convey the emotions and feelings to theirs dolls, playing as sincerely as possible so that the viewer believed in the reality of what was happening here.

Christina Skrypnyk performed in the nomination "solo performance, vocal". Her performance fascinated the members of the jury, and it was she who passed the final selection. Art school teachers hope that our young “star” will take part in the gala concert, which will be held in the regional center (Saratov city). And we wish her good luck and we shall believe and hope in her victory in!

Aida Bogdalova

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