do double repetition of a sound upright, why not do?

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do double repetition of a sound upright, why not do?

Post by TheMaximillyan » 23 Dec 2018, 13:43

Vladimir Sukhopyatkin make it's process so it. He creating that state of backcheck bending it's. That a backcheck without stoping to starts work so it's no stopering for quality jack double repetition.
usuall backcheck (wire) of act of piano is not regulation. But if it is possible to do double repetition of a sound, why not do?
The usual adjustment of the wire is so that the jack after the first blow of a hammer comes out. And it's stay on Hammer butt felt
Vladimir bends backcheck (wire) in such a way that after the first strike of the hammer the jack remains under Hammer butt felt . An jack can again and again with incredible strength and rapid alternation push a hammer.
It's amazing!
What do you think about it's?
It's operation can make any man, I'm think. And yours upright piano must be do double repetition of a sound.

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Re: do double repetition of a sound upright, why not do?

Post by Barrie Heaton » 23 Dec 2018, 18:35

You do run the risk of braking shanks or blocking the note if the key dip is not solid. Also, if too solid makes the pianist's wrist sore. Better to alterer the rake ( that is the angel of the hammer Butt notch) Steingraeber pianos run into this problem when they made the touch too solid they used the conical front touch washers to achieve a firm touch, the pianist's liked the extra control but fund it had on the fingers and wrist so they went back

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