Adult beginners - progress struggling, pls help!

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Adult beginners - progress struggling, pls help!

Post by henry9x9 » 29 Nov 2018, 05:43

Hi guys,

I need urgent advice re my adult pupils. They have been learning for about 8 months now from scratch, using Carol Barratt's book for adults. Most are two thirds of the way thro', able to read notes and moving on away from 5-finger position. The book from this point seems to jump in standard (ie the LH is very 'busy') and they are really struggling with hand co-ordination.

1) I am concerned that I am doing sthg wrong as progress seems to be too slow for 8 months and some are beginning to lose heart. I dont want them to give up and stop!! - how long should it take for adult beginners to start enjoying playing real little pieces??Ive got Bastien's Classic Themes by The Masters which I want to get them on to but even this is still stretching it for some of them!

2) Has anyone used this method book before and if so what do you think?

3) Most important, PLEASE could you recommend some pieces/books/exercises I can use for this transition stage - things they would enjoy but NOT HARD. Even basic stuff b4 Gd 1 level would be handy. I really need sthg to supplement this method book.

Any advice regarding adults in their first year of learning piano would be really appreciated. THANK YOU!

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Re: Adult beginners - progress struggling, pls help!

Post by Gill the Piano » 29 Nov 2018, 19:21

I constantly recommend The Complete Piano Player by Kenneth Baker as it uses songs they know (Abba, Elvis, Beatles, folk songs) and so they can pick up on mistakes quickly and feel a sense of achievement as they're playing something recognisable to them and to others. I hope Colin is reading this as he is a proper teacher and may be able to help you further.
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