Carl Ehrlich Berlin Upright Piano

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Carl Ehrlich Berlin Upright Piano

Post by smj276 »

Hi All.

We have just inherited a piano and are wondering if it is worth fixing up or just getting rid of.
I have looked on line and cant find anything about this particular brand.

The brand on the piano is Carl Ehlrich Berlin. It has a single crown and we have the serial number. I’ve taken a number of images that can be seen here.

Doesn anyone have any knowledge on this brand? Does it have any value or should we just give it away?

Any ideas where I can find more information?

Any information is appreciated?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Carl Ehrlich Berlin Upright Piano

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All I can say is it looks very much like the German uprights of the 1890s shown near the top of the page at
but I have no exact dates. Nobody anywhere can guess the value or condition of a piano without inspecting it on the spot, and checking how well it holds in tune, so your local tuner is the best person to ask.
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