Online Piano Practice: new methods

Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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Online Piano Practice: new methods

Post by Sophie7Leblanc »

Hi! My name is Sophie and I'm a new member here. Wanted to introduce myself and say a few words about learning and teaching piano online. I'm part of the team that is currently working on the application for distant learning
It seems to me that when you decide to start learning to play the piano, you are taking a very important step that raises many other questions. Where to start? What type of tool should I choose? Where to start training? Agree, it will be very demotivating if at some stage you make the wrong choice and it will spoil the beginning of your training. Or, even worse, put an end to it.
Therefore, our team has enthusiastically approached the issue of spreading the idea of accessibility of learning to play the piano online and we have developed an application that will help solve many of your questions for free.
I would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our application - La Touche Musicale.
We managed to develop a virtual piano learning program online, which is suitable for any level: from beginner to advanced user.
We know for sure how hard is to make the first step. Buying a piano for beginners is a decision that has a lot to do with how quickly you wish to begin. If you are purchasing a piano for beginners, it is important to consider age as a determining factor, as most adults will prefer something with large full-scale keys whereas juniors will probably get along better using something smaller, perhaps with half-scale keys. There's a school of thought which goes against this saying that it can slow down progression as they transition from being able to recognize notes and chords to be able to read music. This school of thought maintains that piano playing will progress at a much quicker pace when compared with learning how to play an acoustic keyboard. La Touche Musicale gives the opportunity to make the first step in your piano career as simple as possible.
We really appreciate user feedback, so we would appreciate any feedback and advice that we could add to make your experience even more enjoyable and pleasant.
Thank you for your time!
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Re: Online Piano Practice: new methods

Post by Popero »

Hello! Thank you for the link, never heard abut them. I will give it a try
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