"Supertone piano for sale on ebay"

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"Supertone piano for sale on ebay"

Post by dauntless-ue » 11 Jun 2017, 01:20


I've found this video from an Ebay listing of an upright piano. I see there's oil / WD40 on the tuning pins & bridges? I've looked up his Ebay name, Mikespianos and found nothing else about him on google. Does he appear to be legit?

http://www.ebay.ph/itm/Piano-upright-ov ... 1975702543
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Re: "Supertone piano for sale on ebay"

Post by NewAge » 12 Jun 2017, 22:00

As you are obviously looking for a good used piano, how many others have you seen so far, and equally important - how many have you tried yourself or had someone play for you in order to get an appreciation of the sound and touch?
In the link you supplied I couldn't identify thick oil on the tuning pins. or see a can of WD40 in the video - which doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been used. If you have proof that WD40 has been used on the piano 'in-situ', that to me would be the first very important red flag.
Secondly, although the sellers description is fairly comprehensive, he looses all credibility by some very doubtful and misleading statements, namely tight tuning pins which won't suddently slip out of tune. As for saying, "Contrary to popular belief good pianos do not need re-tuning after being moved, bad pianos do." That comment alone would have me not only walking away, but running away from any piano seller.
I thought the piano did have a rich tone, but the tuning wasn't pleasing to my ear.
It appears that many piano tecnicians are now using CA glue on pinblocks to tighten worn pins. The only time I would recommend this is for a treasured piano with sentimental value, and if one doesn't have or want to spend big money on re-bushing. I would NEVER offer a piano for sale which one suspects has had the pinblock retightened with CA glue. It MAY provide a year or two of tuning stability, but should be viewed as a temporary fix only. Unless you live next door, or relatively close to the piano's location, the shipment as detailed by the seller will probably cost you more than the piano is worth.
In summary, do not buy a piano without seeing it, and getting it checked over by a tuner technician who is a PTA member. Doing so, will in all probability prevent buyers remorse.
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