Paul Gerard piano from Wheatlands Ltd.

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Paul Gerard piano from Wheatlands Ltd.

Post by Benmg24 » 04 Jun 2017, 09:13


I Have recently been given a small 73 Key upright Piano, as it was free i thought it ideal for my Daughter to plonk around on to get familiar with an instrument. I just want to know for my own interest who made it and how old it might be as there are no date stamps and many different numbers throughout. I don't really care about any value as i got it free and it looks nice in our house. (My partner is Itching to paint it blue, not sure how i feel about that)

So the main name under the lid is "Paul Gerrard" (after a bit of research I know this means nothing really.) Under the top access is a warranty label that says "E. Wheatland and sons Ltd" which a quick internet search doesn't really come up with much. It has the number 6000 stamped and hand written in many places and in the casting so i assume this is a batch number. There is a serial number 57210 stamped on the bottom 2 C and D Keys and hand written inside the frame work also.

The Action is a Overdamped, Herrburger Brooks LTD which is stamped in the wood on the back of the action (From another quick internet search it appears they stopped stamping the actions around the mid 20s in favor of labels but i'm doubtful the piano is that old) there's a few numbers on the action again internet searches say that they are meaningless.
There is a name Handwritten on the side of the Low C Key what looks like "Ampbony CGC" (very difficult to read) however i am aware this may just be the person that assembled it.

Overall if i'm honest looking at the inside of the cabinet it has been pretty solid but very roughly made - I always thought pianos were made to perfection inside and out. It has tuned up ok - well enough to get some decent music coming along.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Paul Gerard piano from Wheatlands Ltd.

Post by Bill Kibby » 04 Jun 2017, 11:08

The majority of pianos cannot be reliably dated purely on the basis of numbers.

Some "Paul Gerard" pianos (not Gerrard) were sold by Barnes, some by Wheatlands. Several people have commented on the similarity between the names "Gerard" & "Erard". Vernon Kennard says "I think you will find Paul Gerard is a badged name. I used to have a packet of transfers in that name!" - In other words, you could buy Paul Gerard transfers for a few pence each, and stick them onto any piano.

Herrburger-Schwander (Paris) merged with Brooks (London) in 1920, so the name “Herrburger Brooks” suggests a date after 1919. Initially, the name was imprinted in the wood. By 1922, a black label was sometimes used on the back of the hammer rail in uprights. By 1926, a gold label was sometimes used on the front of the hammer rest rail. Some still just had the imprint. Overdamper actions were still used in some London pianos in the fifties.

Wheatlands did not become Ltd. until after1938, so this suggests that if the piano was new when they sold it, it was after 1938.
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