Quick question regarding insurance costs when moving a piano

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Quick question regarding insurance costs when moving a piano

Post by genaa » 03 Sep 2016, 13:50

Hi Folks,
I'm looking at having my upright piano moved into storage briefly whilst some building works are undertaken. I obtained an initial quote from a well known company which included insurance to the value of £5k. When I provided further detail to suggest that the piano value was c. £20,000 on a new-for-old replacement basis the revised quote was significantly more expensive as the insurance was factored in at 10% of the proposed instrument value... I don't know whether this is considered 'normal' but in excess of £200 for insurance to move a piano out and then back into the property seems very high to me... I'd welcome any advice from fellow forum users as to whether this is normal or seems excessive?

I'm obtaining further quotes from other companies whilst also thinking if this 'is' normal, I'm grateful for once I don't own that £140k Fazioli!!


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Re: Quick question regarding insurance costs when moving a p

Post by Colin Nicholson » 03 Sep 2016, 15:50

I feel this is a specialised subject that will need to be discussed primarily with your own private household insurance company. Cannot comment on if the excess is reasonable or over the top because we know nothing about the piano/ condition/ age/ location/ risk area, and nor do we know the length of time in storage. If it is just a quick removal and relocation to storage (say a week?), I would inform your own insurance company that your piano is going "abroad" (like taking your car abroad). If the storage company are doing the removal aswell, then they should have liability insurance (as an example, a small business would be charged about £70 a year for £2Million liability insurance).... this also covers the piano during an actual removal, and their building contents.

You say that the £20K price was a "suggestion" (??) .... has this been taken from a formal valuation, and have you had your piano independently valued by a qualified piano technician/ piano retailer to arrive at this figure?

Mind you.... last year, I made enquiries about moving a customer's piano to be restored (Louis XIV style Steinway grand), and most removal companies wouldn't touch it because the customer bartered too much.... so I guess, you'll have to pay the price.... or go without. In the end, we declined the work because of added hassle.

Hope that helps
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Re: Quick question regarding insurance costs when moving a p

Post by levisaunders » 13 Sep 2016, 08:44

Hey Mate!

I Deal with Piano Removals over here i Western Australia.

Insurance is critically important for a few reasons. One thing my broker told me is "can you afford not to have good insurance?". And my answer is always no. Be Very careful about who your insured with and read all the fine print to make sure your cover is as good as it may appear. Sometimes the more expensive options are the go because you get broader cover with faster pay out times.

Hope this Helps

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