Yamaha C3 XA tuning problems

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Yamaha C3 XA tuning problems

Post by alexwaston » 23 Aug 2016, 08:48

Dear all,
I know it should sound weird, Yamaha is known for his well built pianos.
Btw, probabily I am wrong but I'd like to know your opinion.
So, I have purchased a C3 XA in october 2013, the piano was sent pre tuned and it has been working pretty good for 5 months. I called a piano tech after my purchase and also the piano was in good tuning following his natural decadence then I called the same piano tech after 5/6 months again.
The piano was tuned twice a year till the last strange thing happened :
In June 2016 , suddenly it went out of tune but it also went auto stabilizing some days later. Now, I've just called for a regular piano tuning maintenance and it was tuned perfectly . I didn't play the piano for a week because of holiday break , at my comeback I played and the piano was fantastic ! But the day after it was completely out of tune (??????)
At this point I recalled the piano tech, he immediately came and he said " if it wasn't me tuning the piano I would have said : this piano hasn't been tuned for 2 years".
He tuned it precisely at 440 hz . The piano has been perfect for 3 days but slowly started to get worse. Btw, the piano is still at 440 hz , but the detuning I'm talking about is about the perfect "alignment" of the 3 strings for each note. The issue is not a full tonal decadence but the horrible "honky tonky" effect. Not talking about of all the notes but some of them that make the sound terrible at the end .
Any advice appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Yamaha C3 XA tuning problems

Post by Colin Nicholson » 26 Aug 2016, 01:13

We sometimes have to do some detective work and guess work to answer these types of enquiries.

Firstly.... some questions :

1. What is the age of the piano (from being brand new) ?
2. How long did each tuning take to complete?
3. Where are you in the world?
4. How do you monitor the piano's room humidity and room temperature/ fluctuations?
5. How loud do you play the piano / sustained forte etc....?

I've heard a few rumours about certain C3 types having soundboard problems.... so hope yours is not included.
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Re: Yamaha C3 XA tuning problems

Post by NewAge » 26 Aug 2016, 16:01

Colin's questions are indeed pertinent; are you in Asia or another country with rapid swings of temperature and humidity?
And to enlarge on question 4, is your piano close to a radiator or other forms of heating, or in front of a window in direct sunlight?
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Re: Yamaha C3 XA tuning problems

Post by Barrie Heaton » 26 Aug 2016, 19:34

one more question

on the 3 string unison notes that are going out of tune . the string that is going out, is it the left-hand side string or the right-hand side string

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