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USB and the Yamaha P155

Posted: 04 Sep 2011, 06:44
by Nick B
I've recently bought a Yamaha P155 and am delighted with it. Except for one thing....

If I drag several midi files onto a USB from my Mac, I have no idea which order they'll appear in on the P155. Have tried numbering them using various formats (1, 01, 001) but nothing seems to work. I'm running a workshop next Saturday and need to know which midi tracks the numbers on the Yamaha represent.

Has anyone any idea how to fix this?

Should add, using the same tracks, same pen drive, on a Clavinova, the tracks appear in the exact order I've set them up.

Re: USB and the Yamaha P155

Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 09:37
by athomik
Try Yamaha Tech support on 0844 811 1116. Steve Marsden is probably your man.

USB and the Yamaha P155

Posted: 11 Dec 2014, 20:40
by MichaelDioW
If you are not planning to upgrade to Win8 any soon, the solution for you is using the Adobe DNG Converter and convert your ARW to DNG...