Kawai ES6 versus Roland FP4

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Kawai ES6 versus Roland FP4

Post by malley1 » 10 Jul 2010, 09:18


Im new to buying a digital piano (im a beginner pianist). I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice on which is the best digital piano to buy? The Kawai ES6 and the Roland FP4 looked good when i was shopping today. Does anyone have experience with these pianos? Would really appreciate some help. thanks!

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Re: Kawai ES6 versus Roland FP4

Post by markymark » 13 Jul 2010, 14:02

I have yet to try a Kawai digital piano/stage piano but based on what I have read about them, their keyboard action is the strongest point. I have tried the FP-4 from Roland and didn't like the keyboard action. While there was a balanced and progressive hammer action on the keyboard, I did notice that the keys had a certain amount of resistance but then suddenly gave way to the keybed. I did feel as if I was hitting the keybed quite a lot on the FP-4. The FP-7 is better but it has a different type of keyboard.

Tonewise, the Kawai seems to have quite a mellow sound whereas the Roland piano sample is 'cleaner' and possibly more natural when played 'hard'. Personally, I am a Yamaha fan - have you tried any?

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Re: Kawai ES6 versus Roland FP4

Post by Colin Nicholson » 27 Jul 2010, 23:23

I am an "acoustic" person myself, but in the shop I work for p/t, we have an Es6 for sale, and I like them!
I would only buy one for travelling really (restaurants etc), but a good sound and stylish keyboard & good feel to the keys. I haven't tried the Roland, so I can't compare.
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