Korg SP-250 demo and impressions

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Korg SP-250 demo and impressions

Post by Salvador » 10 Mar 2010, 19:32

Here's a video of my new Korg SP-250 digital piano:

My impressions:
Sound - I was quite disappointed with most of the sounds when I heard them at home. The one I liked the most is the vibraphone. The piano sounds are good and resounding in the low and high range, but mid-range sounds poor and almost looses its piano character (a problem that many DPs have, though). BUT, today, when I hooked it to a large speaker on a gig, it sounded well, especially using piano and strings together.
Touch - It has this sticker on the rightmost key that says RH3. I'm no expert in DPs, but the touch is very soft for my taste, but feels much like a real piano.
The damper pedal is well-built. It sits on one of the stand's rods comfortably.
What's not comfortable is the weight of this piano. It's REALLY heavy. Also, the stand is a burden to set up, but very stable once assembled.
That's what comes to mind right now. Overall, I became accustomed to the sound quickly (I have it just 3 days now) and am satisfied with the purchase.

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Re: Korg SP-250 demo and impressions

Post by GalvinBrown » 06 May 2010, 08:58

I wan really confuse at the time of selection of piano.I bought my first digital piano about a month ago. I got a lot of help from forum users when deciding on which model to get, so I thought it would only be fair to share my impressions about the model I finally decided to get: the Korg SP-250.

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