Digital Piano to fit in small space (<130cm)

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Digital Piano to fit in small space (<130cm)

Post by u01te » 10 Oct 2009, 23:02


Please help,

Have moved home so had to get rid of my upright piano. Now I am looking for a digital piano but the only space i can put it is in an area with a width of 132cm. Does anyone know a digital piano (or good similar keyboard) that will fit in this space. Preferably with the three pedals?

I would be so grateful, I have researched hard but cannot find one.



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Re: Digital Piano to fit in small space (<130cm)

Post by markymark » 11 Oct 2009, 13:58

I had a look online and checked the dimensions of some of the more compact instruments I could think of. I should say at this point that selecting an instrument based on its dimensions is unwise but I'll say more about that later.

P-155, 1334mm
P-85, 1326mm

F110, 1361mm
FP-4, 1342mm
FP-7, 1346mm

PX130, 1322mm
PX330, 1322mm

ES-6, 1362mm

SP-250, 1295mm

You're lucky I don't charge for this! What I would do is go online and look at these instruments more carefully because some of them are furniture instruments and some are portable and would need a X stand or something like that to sit on.

Why are you limiting your options by looking at dimensions anyway? I have an upright piano and a CP-33 which I put up and put away when I am not using it. I think you would be better to look into the higher spec PORTABLE range of instruments that you can set on their side somewhere or under bed when they are not being used. I have obliged you by showing you the widths of some of the most compact instruments available and (with the exception of one) none of them are narrow enough for the space you have. May I also add that some of them I wouldn't even recommend personally because their keyboard actions and/or piano voicings are so poor when compared to some of the others on the list and others that I could think of. Some of these models appear in the entry level range of each 'brand' which is why the quality is compromised somewhat when compared to what you could get.

Again, it's your choice but take some time to think seriously about the need to have a permanently erected layout at the cost of having better touch and sound quality at the cost of having to put it up and take it down after use.

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