Yamaha P-155 Review

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Yamaha P-155 Review

Post by markymark » 15 Jun 2009, 22:52

First impressions were fairly good. I could recogise the familiar, staightforward layout that I have come to appreciate in Yamaha instruments. Obviously this keyboard was one of the 'P' or Personal series and not a full blown stage piano, yet, many features on here could be found on the compact CP-33 stage piano from Yamaha.

There are 17 preset sounds on this keyboard which include Pianos, Electric Pianos, Organ, Harpsichord as well as strings and choirs. In most cases, there are two variations of each instrument that are either accessed by clicking another preset button or toggling using the toggle button. The sounds are similar to what you would find on the CP-300 stage piano but not to the same sound quality. I'm not sure whether this has something to do with the meagre 12W speakers or if it is a downgraded piano voice quality. It would be interesting to hear the keyboard through a pair of external powered speakers.

If I remember correctly, there are 5 brilliance levels and 3 reverb levels that offer something that would please a majority of players. You also have the option to split and to layer but I found no way of controlling the volume or balance of the layers which was disappointing.

I haven't owned one - just tried it out in the shop. The solid feel of the keyboard and robust construction would make me confident that this would last.

The keyboard response was the good old GH hammer action board which is solid and expressive.

:arrow: SOUND QUALITY - 7.5
The sound quality is pretty good considering that I was using the pair of 12W built in speakers. To my ear, the piano sounds are slightly trebly and have to much mid-range. Yamaha piano samples are often criticised for being too sharply voiced. Here, there is plenty of mid-range and not enough bass or top end for my ear which becomes noticeable when played hard/loudly. But I am starting to pick holes, being used to internal and external equaliser settings and sliders. The two pianos are the strength of the instrument, but everything else sounds synthetic.

Considering the range that this model falls into, some of these features are pretty impressive:
128 note polyphony (very impressive for this range of keyboard/digital piano)
Preset Number of Preset Songs 50
Recording Number of Songs 3
Number of Tracks 2
Data Capacity User Songs (100KB x3) External Songs (447KB)
Recording Function Yes
Compatible Data Format Playback SMF (Format 0&1)
Recording SMF (Format 0)

Tempo Range 32 - 280
Transpose -12 to 0, 0 to +12

Connectivity DC IN DC IN 16V
Headphones x 2
Sustain Pedal
AUX Pedal

Not applicable

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