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Clavinova CLP330 questions

Posted: 15 Jun 2009, 03:23
by zzzxtreme
hi guys, what's the average price of CLP330 in your country? (not polished ebony version)

Is CLP330 a superior instrument to Roland FP4,CP33?

Is the keybed construction mechanism SIGNIFICANTLY different from yamaha's portable pianos? Or it's almost the same, just big cabinet?

I'm totally torn between CLP330 and FP4, because the CLP330 is cheaper than FP4 in Malaysia, and about just us$50 more than CP33. I move every 3 years, I heard that the clavinova is easily dissambled and can fit into an MPV. I don't know if I need portability, I don't gig

Re: Clavinova CLP330 questions

Posted: 15 Jun 2009, 17:59
by markymark
The CLP330 is a superior instrument to the FP-4 which has a rather light key action and has unconvincing piano samples. Don't like the FP-4 at all. To be fair, it doesn't show Roland digital/stage pianos at their best as it uses hardware that is aimed towards portability. The FP-4 and the Yamaha CP33 are both built with portability in mind come to think of it and as far as I remember, weigh less than 20kg. The CP33 has no built in speakers which means that you need some kind of external amplification if you don't want to sit with headphones on the whole time!

Apart from the speakers and portability issue, the CLP330 is a furniture digital piano which means that it is not designed for gigging or anything that would require it being moved around. The CLP330 also has the GH3 keyboard action which does make a slight difference.

As to which you go for, really depends on what you want it for.

The average cost for a CLP330 at the moment is around £1350.

Re: Clavinova CLP330 questions

Posted: 15 Jun 2009, 18:26
by zzzxtreme
thanks again. i'm now convinced of clp330 quality and level.
it's about usd$1320 in malaysia, which is cheaper than fp4 and even the cp33 !
i'll be going to the store tomorrow to pay deposit, cross fingers!

will report!

Re: Clavinova CLP330 questions

Posted: 15 Jun 2009, 18:37
by markymark
It must be on promotion because the CP33 is cheaper than the CLP330 over here!