Roland announce their new V-Piano

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Roland announce their new V-Piano

Post by snakehips » 07 May 2009, 21:34

Hi there !

Has anyone had the oportunity to play the V-Piano yet ?

My local guitar/keyboard shop (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) phoned me to tell me they would/should have one in their shop, in a week to 10 days.

Price will be circa £ 5000 - thats $ 7500 !!!!!!!!!!
Price quote in the US is $5000 !!!!!!!!!!

The stand that goes with it is £500 !!!!!!!!!!!
Thats $ 750 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on ?

This thing is heavy too - I can't see myself gigging with this unless I was a rock star with Roadies !
I wonder if they would bring out a version without speakers (and their amps) - that would cut down the weight.

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Re: Roland announce their new V-Piano

Post by athomik » 08 May 2009, 09:58

I've not seen the Roland yet, but I have seen (- taken apart, put back together and played around with) the Yamaha Avant Grand. Twice the price of a Roland, and definitley not portable, but in a different ballpark altogether compared to digital pianos as we know them.

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Re: Roland announce their new V-Piano

Post by markymark » 23 Jun 2009, 18:38

I watched the online video on the Roland website and to be honest, I didn't like the sound. I know someone will say that it's the video quality but even if it is, how is it beneficial to advertise a piano to show it at its best on a substandard video stream?

I think more likely that the piano samples are not as great as the press around them is!

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Re: Roland announce their new V-Piano

Post by jonathancollins » 13 Nov 2009, 12:56


I have recently auditioned the V Piano and simultaneously (using the V Piano as a controller keyboard) auditioned the VSL Instruments Vienna Imperial virtual piano.

The V Piano has a lovely keyboard with non shiny keys that grip the fingers. The piano sound is considerably more authentic than the onboard samples of Yamaha pianos such as CP33 and P155 (although these are 1/4 of the price!). However the Vienna Imperial virtual piano was altogether in a different league. As far as I can tell this is mainly down to the 100 velocity samples per key In the Vienna which allow for a vast dynamic range along with all the tonal changes that accompany the changing dynamics according to how you strike the keys. I guess the modelling algorithm (and/or hardware processing restraints) used for the V Piano is currently restricted to a relatively small dynamic range?

I am looking to set up a Mac based recording environment and want to replace my very old clavinova with a new weighted keyboard that will be the controller for umpteen Virtual instruments. My preference is for an acoustic piano feel weighted keyboard as I am currently composing classical influenced piano music which requires a lot of dynamic control from the keyboard. My vision would be to acquire a keyboard that has great touch and feel to play but has no onboard sounds and is light and portable. I have heard about the CME UF8 USB 88 Key MIDI Controller which seems like it might be ideally flexible for my requirements. I get the impression that I could use this keyboard as an expressive acoustic piano as well as using its controls and sliders to control virtual instrument and sequencer actions and parameters without the need for a seperate control surface.

I would very much appreciate feedback from anyone who has used this keyboard or any similar keyboards that may be suitable for my needs.

Jonathan Collins

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