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Digital Piano forum posters! Give a little back!

Posted: 05 Apr 2009, 13:34
by Barrie Heaton
Lots of people come onto this forum asking for advice about their digital piano but once they get their advice or get sorted out, we never hear from them again!

If you go ahead with your choice of digital/stage piano, then tell us what you think of it so that others can learn from your experience or recommendations about your instrument on our new digital piano review thread!

Besides anything else, as a Moderator, I am keen to hear what our members are using and how the digital piano quests pan out!

Let's hear from you!

Re: Digital Piano forum posters! Give a little back!

Posted: 01 May 2016, 17:29
by Jonathan the 2nd
Do you think many digital piano buyers want to avoid being told the new machine is not a real piano . Pianoteq has done so much to bring us all together. At one time Rugby League players were not considered in the same class as Rugby Union players . The reminder of separation is something to avoid if possible . Musicians who read from sheet music create a separation by dissaproving of non readers or Tab readers in the guitar world . Improvisers distain all the people who stick to the tune or the written notes .
In the world of motorcycles any 2 riders on two wheels were closer than any 2 car drivers. Up till the day I stopped at the lights and gave a thumbs up to a rider on a huge new Yamaha and I was on a 100 cc Yamaha tiddler . He just sneered at me. Bang goes that theory then . In the "Curb your Enthusiasm " comedy show the star buys a new Toyota Hybrid car and waves at other Toyota Hybrid drivers . But they don`t wave back . That upsets him . Separation rules today . The world could be so much nicer .In an old Russian film there was a married couple who seemed to bicker constantly . When they stop for a meal the husband says "Come and sit beside me so my heart won`t bleed ". I could not work out if he was being sarcastic or it was just a colourful Russian phrase .