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Korg EC-510 Concert Piano

Posted: 26 Mar 2009, 20:48
by phillewis

I've been offered the above digital piano by friends of friends and wanted to get people's advice. It seems to be a good model (full size weighted keys with graded hammer action etc., and I think it's a viable alternative to an upright which I don't really have space for, and would be difficult to move around when we move house.

Now the people selling aren't sure how much it's worth and have asked me to research it and come back with a price. Does anyone have any ideas!? They seem to be a little scarce! There's a Korg C-15S going on ebay for £160, but I reckon £500 is more of an accurate price for the EC-510.

I realise it is a long shot, but I would appreciate you help.