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Don Dilbert
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Which Digital Stage Piano

Post by Don Dilbert » 30 Jan 2009, 08:50

I'm looking to buy a stage piano in the sub £1000 price category. I'm opting for a stage piano, due to space restraints in my current home. I understand that some stage piano's don't have speakers, ideally I would like these built in, however if push comes to shove I can get around it. If someone could give be some advice I would be grateful.

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Re: Which Digital Stage Piano

Post by markymark » 30 Jan 2009, 17:17

I have given you a list of instruments that already have their speakers installed. Yamaha stage pianos (with the exception of the Motif range) have speakers on all their stage piano-styled instruments. Roland and Kurzweil do not however, but there are a few of them which I have listed.

Roland FP7 (Has Roland’s Progressive hammer Action 2 keyboard installed!)
Roland FP4 (condensed FP7)
Yamaha CP33 (condensed CP300 but no speakers)
Yamaha P140
Kurzweil SP2xs
Kawai MP5
Kawai MP8

Secondhand market:
Yamaha P250 or CP300 which should be under £1000 brand new. I personally own a CP300 and am very satisfied, though not ideal for gigging owing to its 40kg body!

Look also into these which DO NOT have their own speakers
Roland 300GX
Roland 300SX
Roland 700SX
Roland 700GX

Kurzweil SP3x
Kurzweil SP2x

If you are into good piano sounds, I'd be dubious about touching Korgs or Casios. Korg is a much more serious stage brand but to my ear, they haven't quite nailed a convincing piano sample...yet! The SP range from Korg may be worth looking into if you come across them in the shops.

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