Hello! And help! Looking for a new digital piano

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Hello! And help! Looking for a new digital piano

Post by andrewk » 19 Jan 2009, 12:46

My daughter (6) has just started to learn to play the piano. I'd love to buy a real one, but (surprise surprise) the practicalities mean that it's very likely we will go with a digital. The only place to practically put the instrument is in the open-plan part of the house, and the ability to use headphones for practice is very appealing.

Additionally, when I was talking to an acquaintance who is a concert pianist, he said that if we didn't have space for a grand, the next best thing is definitely a digital piano - he doesn't think any uprights are worth it (he's a fan of Kawais). I have to say, I take that advice with a pinch of salt - I've played a number of uprights in my time, and my two favourites were a Bechstein and and Kemble. Anyway, that's irrelevant, as I think that for practice purposes, a digital makes more sense.

But at least, given my acquaintance's keenness on digitals I'm assuming that a decent digital will have an action which is as good as a reasonably decent upright. For me, this is more important even than the sound (which of course comes a close second). However, I've got a fully weighted CME 88-key (UF-80) midi controller keyboard I use with Reason, which is supposed to be pretty good for an electronic keyboard, and CME allegedly makes the keyboards for other more well-known manufacturers, and whilst the CME is a lot better than yer average synth (even the weighted or semi-weighted ones), it's not a patch on a decent piano. For example, my friend's Bechstein upright feels miles crisper and more responsive. Unfortunately, I was spoilt by having a Bechstein boudoir grand in the house while I was growing up, which my mother gave away when she moved :-( .

So: can I expect a decent digital piano to have a better action than the CME?

Can anyone recommend a decent piano shop near me - either Oxfordshire or Bucks?

And finally, my wife is insistent that the piano looks like a decent piece of furniture (I appreciate this is going to mean it's likely to be at the more expensive end of the relevant manufacturers' ranges). From the pictures, Suzuki look as though they do a pretty nice-looking instrument, but I don't know how they sound, or what sort of feel the keyboard has. Any ideas? Also, I can't find any stockists!

Any advice gratefully received.



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Re: Hello! And help! Looking for a new digital piano

Post by markymark » 20 Jan 2009, 01:00

I haven't played a Suzuki but I have heard it. It doesn't compare with the tone of a Clavinova.

Have you looked into any of the new Clavinovas from Yamaha?

What is your budget?

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