Digital keyboard with a difference

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Digital keyboard with a difference

Post by NewAge » 17 Jan 2009, 15:38

Perhaps somewhat off-topic, but you may find this of interest.
I wonder how many piano/keyboard players here have at one time or another wished they could play a guitar. I certainly have. :?
I searched for a hybrid ‘Keytar’model for quite some time, but the one which most appealed to me - the now discontinued Roland AX7 - was at what I considered silly prices s/h.
Now I see that one of my musical wishes has at last been granted. A new version at the current NAMM show. No doubt due to great demand, Roland have now launched the AX synth. I for one can’t wait for this to be widely available, and dependent on price could be high on my wants list later this year. ... t-story-2/ ... ynth-demo/
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Re: Digital keyboard with a difference

Post by markymark » 17 Jan 2009, 20:17

I haven't seen these around for a few years!

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