Electrric piano for a choir

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Electrric piano for a choir

Post by Welshgalles » 16 Sep 2008, 15:48

I run a large choir of 130 singers. We rehearse in a church hall with an upright piano which has some of the notes actually in tune! The church only tunes the piano every 6 months and it is hammered, moved around, exposed to all sorts of temperature and humidity variations and candidly is a terrible instrument for a good choir to rehearse with. We have excellent professional accompanists and a highly skilled conductor. The accompanist is not too happy with the prospect of an electric piano but the committee can see little benefit from continuing to use the upright in its current state. I have therefore been tasked with investigating buying an electric piano which will give the choir many years of excellent service, has sufficient volume to cater for a large choir in full voice and which can be happily played by a professional accompanist.
And so I looked on all the sites and got totally depressed as each site has different advice and none seems to answer the question "Which piano for a choir of 130 singers which performs both classical and more popular works?"
Can anyone give me any advice? Or do we continue to fight with our piano which would not be out of place in a smoke filled (remember them) pub.

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Post by sussexpianos » 17 Sep 2008, 12:23

Most electric pianos are built for home use, and stage pianos for stage use by using amplifiers etc.
I have supplied Kawai digital pianos to some churches to replace either the piano or the organ which needs repairs. In both cases, the sound has been amplified. You can get a portable amplifier for not a lot of money. The Kawai was chosen because it has a good organ sound/s and the CA series has wooden keys which give better touch responce for the player. The CA-51 and 71 will be a good choice and just get an amplifier for volume.

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Post by markymark » 17 Sep 2008, 18:57

What is you budget?

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