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Korg SP250

Posted: 10 Sep 2008, 22:49
by Nic_leeds
Hi all, im new to the site.

Been learning the piano since beginning of july, im 21 and im really enjoying it. Im currently learning scales etc for my grade one. not started on my pieces yet.

Just recently bought a Korg SP250, was just wondering whether anyone else has bought one of these digital pianos. and how they are finding it.

Ive not had anything else apart from a digital keyboard, so ive got nothing to compare it with

:D Nic

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 21:17
by markymark
I have always been a Yamaha supporter, particularly within the realm of digital pianos. The Poll running on this forum seems to show that voters feel the same way - but each to their own!

Are you planning to move up through the grades? If so, I'd seriously start thinking about an acoustic piano to develop your touch and feel for the piano. Digitals don't quite cut it for developing this aspect of your musicianship, particularly as you will have to play an acoustic for your examination....

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 21:41
by Nic_leeds
oh, i tried a yamaha in the shop, and the salesman said it didnt have weigted keys.

where as the korg had weighted keys, and graded hammer keys. he said just like an acoustic. I had no idea what this meant. :oops:

to be honest i didnt realise an acoustic was a completely different feel.

yeah im planning to go through the grades. my piano teacher has got me going through the jazz pieces for grade one at the moment.

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 21:44
by markymark
Which model did you try out in the Yamaha?

The salesman's advise sounds dodgy to be honest.... :?

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 21:45
by Nic_leeds
oh god, i cant remember to be honest, it was last month. all i can say it was a silver one HA!, sorry about my ignorance. im new to the piano world :D

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 21:49
by markymark
If it was a new Yamaha, I'd say that someone was very keen to sell a Korg SP250. These have been out for a fair few years now and are possibly up for an upgrade. :?

There is not a new Yamaha digital piano today that does not have some kind of weighted action. Unless it was an old stock (ten year old!) digital piano, I may have believed his advice.

Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 22:45
by markymark
In fact, come to think of it, I can't think of any digital piano that doesn't have some kind of weighted action. Of course, the TYPE of weighted action is how you discern the good from the better!