DGX-630 vs YDP-140

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DGX-630 vs YDP-140

Post by signorroberto » 09 Jul 2008, 13:26

I am looking for a digital piano to replace my old 61 key keyboard.
I don't know whether to go for the DGX 630 or YDP 140. The CLPs are out of my price range. And the 160 is too expensive.
I just wanted some advice on which one to go for.
I want the most realistic feel and also the best sound which will also last a long time.

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Post by markymark » 16 Jul 2008, 03:50

I haven't tried the DGX630 but as I mentioned before about DGX models, the main difference between these models and say the CLP or YDP models is that the latter is intended to be pianos only. The DGX models have a lot of extras like rhythms, sequences and a wider range of voices. In the past the DGX model has skimped slightly on sound quality when compared to the more refined voices on the YDP140 for example.

I think this is something you need to go and check out for yourself, ideally at the same time or very soon after each other if you have to go to another store.

Although the DGX has the GHS keyboard action which is very good anyway, the YDP140 has a better hammer action keyboard and - very probably - a better piano sample.

It really depends what you want it for.

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