Yamaha : YDP-131 Vs YDP-140

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Yamaha : YDP-131 Vs YDP-140

Post by pascalouh » 07 Jun 2008, 23:32


I'm a beginner and I wanted to buy the YDP 131 from yamaha this summer.
But I have seen that there is now the YDP 140 in order to replace it (but the color isn't as nice as the old one :oops: ).

Does any one know if there is a real difference between the two models ?

Thank you

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Post by markymark » 08 Jun 2008, 00:26

Some improvements have been made on the YDP140 despite many similarities to the YDP131.

The main difference is in the three levels of dynamic sampling - the YDP131 has only one level. In other words, more care has been taken in order to provide a more realistic sound. The higher the dynamic level, the more realistic the sound because more samples have been included for every key to accomodate variations in the sound that occur naturally in an acoustic instrument for example. It's basically to prevent a single note sounding more or less the same even though the force being applied to the key may have a very subtle difference. It results in a more expressive instrument. This is the most significant improvement!

Besides that the YDP140 allows you to layer sounds - which is a very nice feature!

Other than this, there aren't many differences size-wise or flash internal memory.

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