Advice on differences between Yamaha CLP220, 230 and 240

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Advice on differences between Yamaha CLP220, 230 and 240

Post by honey-pie » 15 Jan 2008, 01:21

I am hoping to buy a digital piano but would really appreciate advice on the main differences between the bottom three pianos in the Yamaha CLP series. I am not a very accomplished player and have learned to play on an acoustic. Not looking for any fancy 'voices' or electronic stuff but just looking for a decent piano sound and feel.
Would appreciate any advice on the difference in sound between these three, would I notice a huge difference being a relative novice? Just wondering if the CLP-240 is worth the extra 500 pounds more than the CLP-220?
Thanks in advance.

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Post by markymark » 15 Jan 2008, 19:42

Basically as you make your way along a digital piano range, the manufacturers add in features like more powerful speakers, more voice options, expanded track recording options and sometimes enhanced voice samples.

I had a quick look at the Yamaha Europe website and to be honest, it shows the progression and identifies the main differences or enhancements as you move up the model rankings. I'd just be repeating a lot of what has been written for the pianos - why reinvent the wheel - huh? Click on this link for more information: ... index.html

If I'm not very much mistaken, the piano sample on the CLP240 upwards sounds more authentic than that of the CLP230 or 220. Their piano sounds remind me very much of the sample used on the P200 stage piano (now long since redundant). Sounds fine for contemporary playing and works well when layered with a pad or strings.

The downside is, not surprisingly, that you are going up a few hundred pounds in costs as you move up the models. Personally, I'd prefer to spend a little more and get the quality sound and feel I wanted rather than risk resenting what may feel like a "lesser model" when compared with your heart's desire. That is a pesonal decision and one that you have to make.

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clp 220 230 240

Post by mrbt » 22 Jan 2008, 01:00

Hello there,

I've been looking into the same thing, and the most important differences between the three, as far as I can see, is that the 230 is the first to have the GH3 keyboard action (i.e. important if you are after a more realistic piano feel), and the 240 is the first to use different samples for different pressures on the keys (as opposed to playing the same sample at different volumes). This makes the sound much richer and more realistic.

I was all set to go for a 230, as I have an acousitc and want to use a clp just as a late night practice machine (and for the kids), but I went in and tried them again today and the 240 sounds SO much better that I'm tempted...

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