Buying a digital piano, budget: £500

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gladiolus ragamuffin
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Buying a digital piano, budget: £500

Post by gladiolus ragamuffin » 21 Aug 2007, 23:33

So I'm looking for a digital piano as a 21st birthday present from my parents, with a budget of £500. I'm around gr7 standard, so would quite like something decent but have seen the price ranges and it seems I'll only be able to afford the bottom of the range models.

I've seen a 2 1/2 year old second hand Yamaha YDP-223 advertised for £500 - is this a good deal or should I keep looking? I have a friend who has a Clavinova (not sure what kind) which I've played and really like, so I'm tending towards Yamaha, but I haven't actually tried anything else so can't really make a comparison.

Also, what is the average lifespan of a digital piano? Is it worth spending more to buy a new one so it doesn't pop its clogs in a few years time?

Any other advice on buying new/second hand, where to look, what makes/models are good etc. would be much appreciated!

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Post by TonyG » 23 Aug 2007, 17:27

Some great deals on YDP 131, currently as low as £419 during August. I questioned thoroughly a sales rep of a large UK distributor recently: "What is the YDP 131, - is it a P70 dressed as furniture?" His answer was surprisingly frank - "well yes (and no)" - whatever that meant.

But IF this IS the case let me tell you I've just sold a P60 and it was absolutely wonderful. Wish they'd have been around when I was doing Grade 7 instead of the Nield's upright I had as a kid! (Anyone remember Nield and Hardy in Stockport?) One can only presume the P70 is even better(?) What did I buy? A Clavinova.

Second hand digitals? Well digitals don't last forever. If it's been in Auntie's best room with photos on the top since new then great. If it's been on tour with a rock band, or used by someone practicing Chopin Impromptu every day . . . then I guess the piano itself will be a little "allegro agitato"!

I notice people do bid vigorously on Clavinovas on Ebay, and just wonder whether they know what they are doing. I offered people a video link of me playing the P60 I recently sold on Ebay, this created a lot of interest.

Don't dismiss Casio!! They are breathing down Yamaha's neck producing some fine instruments under the name of Privia and Celviano. People like Crane's also sell their own make of digital which they describe as being up to the standards of top makes.

But there again, I'm just a 'newbie' here :roll:

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