General discussion about digital pianos

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Post by PianoGuy » 08 May 2006, 14:35

'Clavinova' is Yamaha's trade name for their range of digital pianos, so a Clavinova is a digital piano, but only in the same way that a Hoover is a vacuum cleaner.

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Post by phil32 » 29 May 2006, 18:28

The advantages of the digital are :-
1. Lighter to move around
2. Can be played with headphones
3. Has more buttons and flashing lights than an accoustic piano
4. Relatively cheap
The disadvantages are :-
1. Sound quality
2. Sensitivity of touch
3. Less attractive instrument
4. Limited lifespan

I think that about sums it up. Of course you could invest in a more expensive digital like a GT2 or GT20 and get some of the advantages of both, but then you're paying a great deal more

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