CVP-20 Midi output defects

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CVP-20 Midi output defects

Post by tomkcook » 27 Dec 2017, 19:27

I have a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-20. I've recently tried hooking it into a MIDI network with not very good results.

There seem to be a few issues. One is that the CVP-20 doesn't emit note-on and note-off events, only note-on events which have a velocity of zero if they're meant to be note-off events. I guess this is workable but seems odd.

The next is that the channel number on each event switches randomly between channel 0 and whatever send channel I've selected on the CVP-20. So if I've selected channel 0, this isn't a problem, but selecting any other channel leads to lots of notes left with non-zero velocities because the 'note-on' event happened on one channel and the note-off event happened on another.

There are some other gremlins kicking around - even with channel 0 selected, playing the CVP-20 keyboard through a MIDI synth leads to some very loud notes I definitely didn't hit occasionally, but tis is a bit hard to diagnose with the above issues going on.

The problems only seem to be in the data send from the keyboard; playing MIDI files back through it works fine.

Does anyone know if these are known problems with this model? Or is this likely to be a hardware defect of some sort in such an old model?

I've tried this with two different USB MIDI interfaces to make sure it's a not a hardware problem at that end.

Thanks for any help,

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