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Roland Digital Pianos

Posted: 17 Nov 2017, 05:31
by adamjohnson
With alot of help from my friend donjuan on here I was able to narrow down that I want a roland digital piano to replace my upright(out of shape for many years) I'm fairly new to this forum but i would like to know some opinions regarding the roland pianos with the "escapement" feature which is on the HP-203 and 207 models

I started to lean towards this line up because of this feature but the pedals are also built in to these which i like since they are sensitive to angle.

The 203 is roughtly 2400 and the 207 is roughly 3700 the 207 features "ivory feel keys" but the 203 and 207 have that escapement feature which seems to be the "aftertouch" everyone here talks about.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to buy the piano for the escapement feature on the roland because I am looking ot mainly simulate the feel of an actual piano.

if it's not useful then i will probably just stick with the FP-7 series which is about 1900ish.

If anyone here has experience with these pianos and can offer some good insight which will help me make an informed choice I would appreciate it. Let me know your thoughts and opinions on these pianos and thier features.

Re: Roland Digital Pianos

Posted: 17 Nov 2017, 21:02
by Feg
If you are looking at spending up to £3700 on a digital piano with an 'escapement' feature and 'aftertouch', why don't you just buy an acoustic piano which has both as standard ? :?