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Starting my studies

Posted: 08 Feb 2016, 01:07
by Yggor Yulcatan
Hi, everyone!

My name is Yggor. I don't speak a very good english, then, sorry about that. I'm a piano beginner student and I want to buy a digital instrument. I've a doubt about these two models that have their prices on the limit I can pay for (they have almost the same price over here in Brazil):
1_Yamaha Clavinova 545; and
2_Roland HP 508;
I don't know about their qualities; I just know they have a "name", what isn't enough, of course.
I wouldn't know to identify small differences if I do tests by my own, because my ears have no enough training to do that.; I think beautiful all of their sounds.
Nowadays I realized, for one hand, this Roland has 10 levels of sensibility, what approximates it of an acoustic piano (I guess so), for another hand, this Yamaha has just 5 levels.
I don't have any interest about other funccions which comes with these instruments, only the piano funccion.
Please, I would be too much thankful and pleased if somebody could help me. I've got this ancient dream about studying piano and, to me, this is a hugh decision.


Re: Starting my studies

Posted: 06 May 2016, 15:38
by athomik
If you have a chance, try the pianos in a shop. The Yamaha and Roland keys have a slightly different feel. Then listen to the Grand Piano sounds. You need to decide if the feel and the piano sound are what you are looking for. The technical specifications will not make much of a difference between the two models. Both are velocity sensitive and will, to some extent, reproduce the experience of playing a real piano.

If you can try them, in the end, it is down to which one you prefer.