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How do you rate a Roland Fantom X8 as a digital piano?

Posted: 18 Nov 2015, 01:40
by latch
Many years ago I bought a Roland Fantom X8 just so I could have a full-size weighted keyboard to play/practice the piano when I felt like it, to use as a general purpose MIDI controller keyboard for software synths, and also as a general ROMpler to play around with the internal sounds for music production.

As time passed, I have used it less and less for its onboard sounds, save for the grand piano. I now rely 100% on software synths, thus I don't really need such a full-featured workstation. Not to mention the thing is ENORMOUS and heavy at 29.5 kg. I'm considering selling it, and getting a single-purpose digital piano, since I still love playing a nice sounding piano on weighted keys.

Looking at various articles like this one on best digital pianos has me looking at a Casio Privia PX-160 (or maybe a Yamaha P-105 or P-115).

I'm torn, however, since I have no idea how the Roland Fantom X8 stacks up as a digital piano. Would I be giving up a superior keyboard feel and piano samples and be trading down to an inferior piano w the Yamaha or Casio? Does anyone have experience with Roland workstations and their piano "prowess"? :) Thanks!