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First Digital Piano?

Posted: 16 Apr 2015, 12:20
by Csharp
Hello everyone!
clash force
I'm new to the forum and this is my first post!
Great to meet you all!

I am a guitar player interested in learning piano as well.. Can anyone advise me a decent digital piano to start out with..
Money is tight for me at the moment, so anything under £100 will be great.. I'm only asking because I have no other idea of where to start

Thank you all!

Re: First Digital Piano?

Posted: 18 Apr 2015, 20:14
by Colin Nicholson
best looking on auction websites or gumtree for less than £100.... but expect electrical problems, and no parts available if needed..... always a risk. Names like Yamaha/ Kawai / Casio are fine. I would save up a bit more.... can get cheap new digitals for about £300 - £350.

Re: First Digital Piano?

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 23:44
by markymark
Agreed. You would be very lucky or unlucky to get a digital piano at that price. The cheapy toy-like ones with keys like rulers retail new above £100... I would save up and keep an eye out for something more substantial! I can mention some if you can give a more realistic price range.