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Best digital piano for a beginner?

Posted: 28 Feb 2015, 01:15
by turmenyJJ
My little sister (Age 12) has just started piano, however she does not have her own.
I want to buy her one for her birthday, what digital piano and you suggest for me to get her?

Price doesn't really matter, as long as I can get decent quality, but please try keep the price within the 100's

Re: Best digital piano for a beginner?

Posted: 05 Mar 2015, 01:25
by Colin Nicholson
The "best" digital pianos are well over £1K .... however there's plenty out there to choose from.
The better makes are Yamaha (clavinova)/ Kawai (CN, CL, ES range)/ Casio.... all are good.
If your sister is going to have piano lessons/ learn properly, most digital pianos are suitable up to about 3 years from the start of tuition.

The following may be helpful/ tips/ advice >>

I myself have the ES7 Kawai digital piano aswell as an acoustic piano for teaching on.
The ES7 has a great sound & touch.
Best to buy new, and visit a local music shop to try them out first ....

hope that helps


Re: Best digital piano for a beginner?

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 23:50
by markymark
I am going to disagree a bit with Colin: it is certainly safer and easier to buy new but secondhand is worth a consideration giving that digital pianos depreciate quite quickly. I sold a CP33 for around £600 a year after buying it at £900....

What have you been looking at?