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Posted: 16 Mar 2014, 23:33
by Jason
Has anyone actually tried one of these. Are the wooden keys really all that big of a deal?

Re: CP-1

Posted: 22 Apr 2014, 08:42
by Colin Nicholson
Many digital pianos now have wooden keys to simulate the side view of a key when depressed, like on an acoustic piano to give that “feel good” factor, and give the feeling the touch weight & key material is like a real piano.... a lot of it is just desperate advertising. As long as the keys have the right feel & weight for you, it doesn’t matter if they are made of wood or plastic. However, all digital pianos cannot create the real sustaining power/ duration/ effect used by the sustain pedal – so depending on your level of playing, if you are a decent pianist, try a few out, and don’t be bamboozled into advertising clichés. Many digital piano adverts will offer “Grand piano expression” .... but they are not even close! Biggest deal about digitals = sustain, bass, good tone.....

Re: CP-1

Posted: 12 May 2014, 20:40
by markymark
I don't think I have ever played one with wooden keys though I have been tempted. Problem is that they do tend to be much more expensive. I think the expressivity of the piano voicing is important too which is why I tend to encourage people towards Yamaha as a brand.

Colin is right - no matter how much effort put into sampling or key weightings, none will completely replicate - but will emulate - an acoustic piano. If touch is a major factor in your final choice, then acoustic may be a better option.

Have a look at the Digital Piano FAQs. I wrote a question and answer thread a few years back during my Moderator days, which should help guide you through choosing the right digital piano.