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Beginner looking for a digital piano

Posted: 05 Sep 2013, 16:12
by papalazarou
Hi all,

I have decided to put down my guitar and start playing the piano. I would like my young son to have the opportunity to play a piano as he grows up, but I don't live in a large house and so a digital piano is really what I am looking for.

My local music shop has some Casio Privia PX850's which I was very impressed with, and according to information I can find online, for the price, there is no better sound and action. I suppose I am looking to spend up to £1k on the piano so I would like to get advice on whether this would be the best piano I would find for under £1k, or whether spending £200 more will buy me a better sound/action? The PX850 is around £800 online.

Many thanks in advance,

Re: Beginner looking for a digital piano

Posted: 17 Oct 2013, 18:53
by markymark
Have you tried any other brands?

Re: Beginner looking for a digital piano

Posted: 12 Dec 2013, 13:58
by joseph
In my view, Yamaha digital pianos are hard to beat, and have been for a very long time.

Have you tried Arius models? They are cheaper than the Clavinova models but they incorporate many of the same features, including a Graded Hammer keyboard which is only surpassed by higher end models in the Clavinova range (IMHO).

I think they cost around £1,000 for the best spec'd model.