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HELP - Sound only coming from headphones:(

Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 19:58
by shininghero
Hi all
I own a 13 y/o Clavinova CLP-820S. It’s only been used lightly and I’ve not had any issue… until now:( There is no sound coming out from the piano at all, but I can hear the sound from my headphones. I’ve had a look inside the headphone jack and there doesn’t seem to be anything jammed up etc. I also tried a reset switching ON the power and pressing down the key etc. I’ve tried all the usual tricks like wriggling the jack, WD40, switching ON/OFF, reset etc.

Also, weirdly, the dual headphone jacks only seems to accept one. The other jack is slightly narrower and it won’t accept any ‘normal’ headphone jacks. I assumed that this feature was to allow 2 persons to listen to the piano using the same headphone jacks, Kinda weird if I have to use a special headphone jack and the other doesn’t.

Has anyone come across this type of issue (sound only coming from headphones)? Is this a simple case of me replacing the headphone jack module/solenoid thingy? If I can purchase this part then I will but reading through this forum, it doesn’t sound like Yamaha stocks old parts. Any help will be much appreciated because the piano is too good to be thrown away!

Any help will be much appreciated!

Re: HELP - Sound only coming from headphones:(

Posted: 12 Sep 2012, 16:00
by athomik
Both headphone jacks are standard 1/4 inch stereo jacks. If you have problems inserting headphones into one of the jacks, there may be a problem with the socket. The socket has a switch to turn off the speakers, so this might explain both of you problems.