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Assistance needed on digital piano purchase (Kawai/Rowland)

Posted: 18 Jul 2012, 23:37
by Alana
Assistance needed on first digital piano purchase.

I've just come across this forum, and it's fantastic, so much information, jut perfect for a beginner like myself.

I need some assistance as I'm in the process of purchasing our first digital piano, I visited some of our local music shops, and I'm none the wiser, there's just so much to consider but the shop assistants have narrowed my thinking to the following:

Rowland HP302 £999 (reduced from £1500 as it's discontinued model)
Kawai CN23 £899

Regarding requirements, we really are beginners, my son will be starting piano lessons soon so I need something that he can use for a number of years as he progresses through his exams.

Has anyone got any thoughts, I've never heard of Kawai.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Assistance needed on digital piano purchase (Kawai/Rowla

Posted: 21 Jul 2012, 23:12
by NewAge
I rarely come into this Digital forum as I spend more time reading and occasionally participating on the acoustic forum.
However I note that nobody has yet answered your query, which is rather strange - perhaps the digital forum guys are on vacation.

I take a very keen interest in acoustic pianos, and to a lesser extent digital, but I can offer some advise.
Firstly don't be put off by the Kawai name. Their acoustics pianos are generally first class, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be very satisfied by a Kawai digital. Having said that I've always had a personal preference for Yamaha digitals, followed by Roland. But don't let that put you off Kawai!
But one important question. What is your maximum budget? Knowing that, perhaps I can give a recommendation for a model I've played recently.
There are reports that the keys on the Roland HP302 are noisy (thumpy), and can even be heard when playing with headphones. But the HP302 has greater polyphony than the Kawai ( 128 v 96). Some reports also of the Roland not having sufficient volume (2 x 12 watts), although if playing in a small area or with headphones that shouldn't be a big concern. You should really try both and see which feels and sounds best, although this can be sometimes difficult depending on the location within the showroom.
You may wish to try/consider the Yamaha CLP 320 if it's within your budget.
A word of warning; many stores will bad-mouth a make if they don't stock them, and tell you what they have are the best.
A few years ago I advised a family member to get a Yamaha digital piano that was highly recommended and within their budget. The first large store they went into was a large Technics dealer. The salesman told them (dishonestly) that Technics were far better than Yamaha. They bought a Technics, and have always regretted it!

Re: Assistance needed on digital piano purchase (Kawai/Rowla

Posted: 24 Jul 2012, 12:30
by Alana
Newage thanks for the reply.

I hope I haven't make a mistake, we're leaning towards the Rowland at the moment. Our budget is £1000, to be honest my logic was that we were getting a £1600 piano for £1000 hence the Rowland. Looking at the internet prices it looks good (for the price)

I'm sure they will all meet our requirements, out of interest what would you recommend for the budget, and I appreciate it's all subjective.

Thanks again