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Help choosing Yam NPV80 or Casio CDP 200

Posted: 12 Jun 2012, 23:49
by telemaster18
Hi all,

First post here but looking for some advice. I'm looking to get a cheapish digi piano and think I'm choosing between the Yamaha piaggero NPV80 and Casio CDP 200.

I know the Yamaha isn't strictly a digital piano but the features are what I'm after; light, 76 keys, USB for midi controller and pretty decent sounds. It does feel more like a keyboard than a piano though and that's what's slightly putting me off.

The casio is more a of a digital piano with weighted keys and also has plenty of sounds, 88 keys and USB for midi controller. I'm thinking the sound of this won't be as good as the Yamaha though?

It will be mostly used at home for practising and for recording and any live playing will be through an amp/PA system.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Help choosing Yam NPV80 or Casio CDP 200

Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 23:33
by markymark
Well firstly, the two keyboards are not exactly on a par with eachother, though without a doubt, having some benefits against the other. The Casio model, based on what I read for I'm not a huge Casio fan, has a hammer action keyboard which will probably be at least slightly heavier than this Yamaha model which has a graded soft-touch keyboard. I would imagine that the soft touch action (which is nothing like Yamaha's Graded Hammer-Action keyboards such as the GH/GH3/Natural Wood actions) has been used in order to create this lighter keyboard range. The Yamaha NPV80 is a 'piaggero'. Apparently Yamaha "combine "piano" with "leggero" (Italian - "light") and you have Piaggero". It has compromised the heavier action for an overall lighter board, thus preserving ultimate portability without compromising the quality onboard sounds.

If you are after a more authentic keyboard action, I would look at something else, but no doubt, cost is what has attracted you to it. If you can, try and play both keyboards. I am a huge fan of the Yamaha sound, and while this one doesn't seem to have Yamaha's absolute best piano samples available, the ones on this will outdo the sound of the Casio CDP200. As I have never played this particular Casio model (nor admittedly the NPV80), I can't vouch for the keyboard actions on either.

If you go to this page on the Yamaha website and click on the advert for the NPV (ignoring the corny filming), you will get to hear the actual samples on the keyboard: ... uct_lineup

Just bear in mind that in order to get a good keyboard action and high quality piano sounds in one package, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets!

Re: Help choosing Yam NPV80 or Casio CDP 200

Posted: 17 Jun 2012, 12:00
by telemaster18
Thanks for the advice Markymark. I've played the NPv80 and Yamahas entry digi pianos i.e. p95 and the difference in playing them is massive. I think that the piaggero range do have really good sounds though; especially through the line out/headphones. I will be playing Casio's offering today at a shop that sells them. I've also added the PX330 to the mix as well which is Casio's Privia range. Should offer weighted keys with a decent sound too as well as so many other features no offered by the Yamaha. I also tried a Korg yesterday while I was trying the Yamahas and that I must say equalled the P95 in both feel and sounds - it shares the weighted keys of Korgs more expensive range.

Thanks once again.