Piano Serial Number Where do I find it ?

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Piano Serial Number Where do I find it ?

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You can take the serial number of your piano and match it to one of the numbers, of the manufacturers on the UK piano page. However, if your piano make is not on this site you may ask on our piano history forum or look it up in the Pierce Piano Atlas. This can be found in most libraries in the reference section or they can loan a copy from a library who has a copy.

Where do I find the serial number?

On uprights first place to look is lift the lid up and look at the edge of the case work at the treble end of the piano, some manufacturers stamped the serial number on here?

The second place to look is just above the tuning pins in the top treble or bottom bass.

Some manufacturers place the serial number in the centre of the piano in a little well in the iron frame.

Next place to look is on the soundboard in the bass of the piano. (you may have to take the action out for this not recommended unless you know what you are doing)

The next place is to take off the bottom panel this normally has either a central fixing edge-locking device or to extreme locking device. The serial number will be on the soundboard at the base.

Some manufacturers however, did not put serial numbers on their pianos or kept accurate records regarding the dating of their serial numbers.

Action finishes sometimes use to sign the bottom "A" key in the Bass and date it. This was a tradition with British and German Piano manufacturers.

Grand Pianos.

Serial numbers can be found on the frame in the top treble just under the music desk, also in the top treble stamped on to the soundboard just above the bridge.

In the bass the serial number sometime can be found on the edge of the soundboard just under the frame.

The legs and key blocks of some Grand's were also stamped the legs on a Grand are also a good indication of its date they generally come in three types, Turned octagonal tapered legs from 1860, double square. (Also known as gate legs) from 1900 and Square legs from 1930.

For more information on numbers see
http://www.piano-tuners.org/piano-gen/d ... ianos.html

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