FAQ How often should I have my piano tuned?

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FAQ How often should I have my piano tuned?

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For example, if you play the piano several hours a day, and work to a performance standard, it is quite likely, that for your own piece of mind, and that of your listeners, you may need to have your instrument tuned frequently. This could be as often as once a week. But, experience can be a good guide. If you are a parent with a child in school who is learning to play the piano, routine maintenance becomes important. For, a student feels frustrated if clashing notes or poorly functioning and badly regulated action parts foils his or her attempts. We recommend for a family with a piano in general uses that the tuner visit no less than every 6 months. Often more frequent visits may be necessary this isn't out of the ordinary.

What do the Manufacturers say:


Tuning and Regulation:
Pianos are delicate instrument: which need professional attention periodically. Basically there are two types of professional piano care: tuning and regulation. Tuning means correcting the pitch of every note by re- tightening the strings. Each piano string is normally stretched to a tension of about 90 kilograms (198.5 pounds), but eventually it will stretch further with use and lose some of its tension, causing the piano to lose its correct pitch. The strings need to be tuned generally twice a year to restore them to their proper tension.

Regulation involves the entire piano action, keyboard and pedal movements. Whether the piano will perform properly or not depends on how accurately the adjustment is made.

Tuning and regulation should be done by an expert. When your piano requires either one, ask your Kemble dealer or just call a specialist. Your dealer can also advise you about the interval between adjustments for your piano under the circumstances in which it is used.

Your Kemble Piano must be regularly tuned by a qualified tuner or technician We recommend this is done at least twice a year.

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