FAQ on selling a piano

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FAQ on selling a piano

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Were can I sell my piano
  • On this site in "Pianos for Sale General Public" it’s free
    Place advert in a local newspaper in "Piano for sale or Musical Instruments "
    Respond to adverts in the local newspaper under "Pianos Wanted"
    Look at the "Pianos Wanted" on this site
    Place a card in you local newsagent or post office
    Contact your local piano tuner and music teacher
    If you are giving your piano away for free try you local church

How much is my piano worth?
This all depends on make, age, type, condition and local market forces. Which most of them are not available to us with out looking at the piano.

How do I find out how much my piano is worth?
The best way is to ask your local piano tuner, he or she can inspect your piano and give you a valuation also, inform you of what it is likely to sell for. If that is not practical then phone your local piano shop and ask them to make you an offer then multiply it by 2.5 and you will not be far out.

Should I get my piano tuned before I sell it?
Ideally yes, the nicer the piano sounds the more likely your buyer is to make you an offer. You could ask the tuner how much they think it is worth at the same time and also, if they know of anyone wishing to buy a piano.

Will the buyer want to see the piano?
In most cases buyers will wish to see and play the piano and in some cases spend a few hours playing it. Often, a buyer may engage a piano tuner to inspect the piano on their behalf, to check that there are no problems with their potential purchase.

Should I trust some one who is not interested in looking at the piano?
There are a few occasions when some one might not be interested in looking at the piano. Firstly, a piano shop/tuner who wants the piano to restore, thinking it is a bargain. Secondly, a genuine overseas buyer, shop or tuner. The latter however tend only to be interested in Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein and Bosendorfer. Thirdly, a con artist trying to part you with your money, see the scam outlined below.

Should I trust an overseas buyer?
We have had a classified section for selling pianos on the UK piano page since 1996 from the emails we have received over the years quite a few pianos have been sold to buyers from overseas with no problems; however, there are some very dishonest folk out there who try to con piano sellers, so beware!

What are these scams and how do they work?
If anyone is offering you more than the piano is worth, and is not interested in looking at it then it is more than likely a scam of some sort.

They normally go like this...
"I am interested in your piano or I have a buyer for your piano I will send you a banker's draft with the price of the piano 5,000 and the cost of the removals. 1,000. The removal company I am using wants its money before they will come to your house, because of the expense of acquiring a banker's draft in pounds sterling I am sending you the full amount for both since it is a banker�s draft in pounds sterling, can you please BACS the 1,000 to this Well Fargo Account 000 which is the removal company account."
They give you some sob story why you should do this and you should do it as soon as you get the banker's draft, as it takes 21 days for banker's drafts to clear bla bla the upshot is that the banker's draft is not real and if you are daft enough to send them some money you will not see it again.

see also http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4051923.stm
ourInternet Scams Fraud

Is there any way to protect myself from overseas buyers?
Yes you can use Escrow.com, this reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions at a price. Escrow service fees are from 0.85% of the purchase price of the piano.

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