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Free Lesson #2: Learn Chords!

Posted: 03 Mar 2010, 17:04
by tomjeffrey
Hi All!

Hope you all enjoyed my last free lesson, on teaching the piano notes. This time we will be looking at Chords, since thats a natural progression from notes!

Please learn notes first!


Since many chords exist, your probably unsure where to start, we recommend starting with the C chord. You'll play the following notes:

C, E, G

Your fingering positioning will be as follows: thumb pressing the key on the first left following any two thin black keys, index finger on the key first right following the thin black key to the right of the last black key I mentioned. Finally push your ring finger on first key inside between the first and second black keys on the triple black key set to the right of the two black keys I mentioned. Hopefully your now be playing a C chord! Your know if its right as it will sound bad if you play it wrong!

Remember you mustn't try and throw yourself into the deep end. Its important to set out goals such as "Learn three chords this week" rather than attempting to memorize everything at once, try to learn one chord at a time, mastering it before you move on to another. This way you will work step by step to achieving your goals of learning chords on the piano!

Good luck!