learn piano as an adult but best approach/resource for me

Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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learn piano as an adult but best approach/resource for me

Post by podracer » 07 Sep 2009, 16:23

Hi all.
i know lots of adults have asked about starting but i cannot find anything that fulfills my specific needs.
I have no formal music training ( bar recorder in primary school, i remember being well able to lash out the traditional tunes from the simple music score provided and my memory of the song but thats a good while ago ) but i play percussion & sing in a world music group. samba, african & cuban percussion & songs. I can disect a songs rhythm but only note/tabulate it by using simple dots etc.

so i am hoping the above skills/experience will be of some benefit to me.

i want to play the piano for more contemporary pop/rock music ( maybe sing along at a later stage ) but i love brazilian music & song and i also want to be able to read sheet music. I like classical to an extent but its not my prime objective.
regardless of my piano ability down the line i want the practice & approach to leave me being able to read music.

I am prepared for years of frustration with little feedback and a very steep learning curve on the piano ( unlike the drums which i picked up fairly easily ) but should i approach it from the traditional, chords, ear approach or all.

I dont have the funds for a teacher ( at present ) or i might consider a lesson every month or two perhaps but I would need a book/dvd/online resource to teach myself at the start.

any advice greatly appreciated.

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