Rhythm Problem v Counting Problem

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Rhythm Problem v Counting Problem

Post by robert.williams » 05 May 2009, 11:20

Hi guys,

that's my first post here and I would love to get some responses from you...

I am 28 and started to study piano again two months ago (I studied for 2 years when I was 10 - I know ... long time ago).

I am doing well with sight reading and theory (which actually is good - I am surprised how much I still remember). Fingers are rusty but I know I only need practice. But my real difficulty is with rhythm. Actually I think rhythm is not the problem, but COUNTING. If I concentrate on counting I will get all wrong but if I just do my "internal" counting it's fine ... When I say internal - I don't count 1, 2, 3, 4 in my mind but I just half the time if it's a quaver, for example ...

I am getting really confused and frustrated as my teacher insists on counting and I end up just messing all the piece ...

Any help?


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Re: Rhythm Problem v Counting Problem

Post by Descombes » 05 May 2009, 19:53

I don't think there's a huge difference between what you are doing and what your teacher is suggesting. At least you understand what counting is all about - which is more than some pianists do!!

The advantage with what your teacher is suggesting is that you will always have the right number of beats in a bar and that accents will be in the right place. That's why I'd suggest trying to persevere with what s/he is suggesting. I think you'll end up doing it that way instinctively, anyway!

Best of luck. Keep calm and your playing will be fine!

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