I have a new piece to learn..

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I have a new piece to learn..

Post by louttrim » 12 Feb 2009, 20:04

Hi All

I haven't had lessons for a couple of weeks because of the snow, but this week flew through all of my pieces and got a big boost when teacher said I can start a new one!! :D Trouble is, I forgot to ask who it's by :shock: The name at the top is in Cyrillic, and I think is E.Dosa or Doza? But anyway, it's a waltz, apparently danced by a girl who married but not for lurve... :( I played it by sight while she was there - badly I hasten to add, but it's such a beautiful piece, I wondered if anyone knew who the composer is/was? Will see if I can find a Cyrillic converter online :wink:

Am on a bit of a buzz today - not only did I get a new piece, but the teacher also had two books on her lap, one for Grade 1 and one for Grade 2, and she looked at them and said oh you wont be needing that one (about the Grade 1) and left me with the grade 2 book :D :D :D


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Re: I have a new piece to learn..

Post by markymark » 12 Feb 2009, 23:33

Well done, Louttrim!

I'm not familiar with the composer... but you should give us a demo when you get it going and post it on the Performance forum!

We're still waiting on dave but he's having bother connecting his YDP131 to his laptop! :roll:

I suppose I'll have to take the lead with this one.... as per usual!

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