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Welcome to the Teaching Pianos forum!

Posted: 10 Oct 2008, 00:06
by markymark
This forum is for posting anything that correlates to teaching and learning piano. Feel free to discuss anything from your latest lesson progress to your greatest struggles.


Placing links to other sites and placing photos into your message on the forum

As we don’t allow direct uploading of photos you will need some web space to point the forum to. The simplest way it to go to Image Shack and upload your photo there it is free.

- Just click on the Browse Button find the image on your computer then click on < Host it >.This will up load it for you.
- It will then take you to a page which will give you the code to paste into your message on the forum. The best one to use is clickable thumbnail.

Links to other sites in the body of posts will be removed if we feel that the link is not appropriate.

If you have any complaints about the site or would like to write a review for others to read you can use, ..., or use the guest book.

Other points

AOL users are having problems posting in which INVALID SESSION displays. Unfortunately, it's AOL, not us! :(

AOL send the IP of the cache being browsed and not the proper IP address of the user because this site is popular we are in most AOL caches. As you move from page to page the forum gets a different IP address this causes the security features of the forum get upset and give you an invalid session. Basically, it thinks you are trying to hack the forum. Sorry, but we need the security in place.

For more in-depth expiation see here:

Placing links to other sites

Links to other sites in the body of posts will be removes if they are not piano related or if we feel that the link is not appropriate or just there to generate PR.

If you have a Teaching or Music resource you may add your site to our Piano Resources Links page

Enjoy the forum!

marky :D