Piano excercises

Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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Piano excercises

Post by ronpaul » 07 Mar 2004, 18:08

As a teenager I learned to play the piano accordion to a high standard (6yrs of lessons)

I now 68 and retired and have been 'relearning' piano for almost a year.

I can read easy sheet music but feel I need excercises to improve hand coordination, any suggestions?

Can anyone suggest a teacher near to Sutton, Surrey

Gill the Piano
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Post by Gill the Piano » 14 Mar 2004, 20:36

My teacher made me do the Wieck studies by Clara Wieck (later Mrs Clara Schumann!) and these were the exercises devised by her father. They're melodious and interesting...more so than Hanon and Czerny, I thought, but then I never liked studies! :roll: I think they're published by Edition Peters. Have fun!

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Pano Exercise

Post by DHan » 18 Oct 2004, 17:46

I have just read the replies posted by Joyce & Gill. I am 63 and have just started to learn playing the piano from scratch by hearing. What are the Hanon. the Czemy and the Wieck you are refering to? Are they easily available on the internet or can any one help?
David de Tekniqy

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