learn to play piano from scratch !!!!!!!!!

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Playing piano from scratch

Post by steveburt » 03 Feb 2004, 15:52

I've been learning for the past year using the Bastien Adult tutor books (with accompanying CDs).
I've found these very good - hard enough to be challenging, but not so hard I get discouraged.
I've just about finished book 1, and am looking forward to book 2.
There's a good variety of music, including quite a lot of blues, boogie and ragtime (in simplified arrangements), which is nice, as that's what I really want to play.

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Post by Gill the Piano » 06 Feb 2004, 20:16

A lot of people like the Complete Piano Player series by Kenneth Baker; it uses familiar songs (Abba, Elvis, Beatles, etc), doesn't go too fast but neither does it assume you're an idiot. There's a useful keyboard indicator/chart stuck in the back which you fit at the back of your keyboard and helps you learn the notes and their positions (but try to do without it asap. If you prefer the more traditional approach, there's the Older Beginner by Carole Barratt, but that's more suitable for use with a teacher. Look in the Yellow Pages for your nearest music dealer.Good Luck! :D

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