Finding a teacher for a blind child

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Re: Finding a teacher for a blind child

Post by Barrie Heaton » 18 Nov 2003, 01:13

clareb wrote:My son is severely visually impaired (he is a braille user) so would have to learn by ear I assume.
No there is Braille music the music teacher will need a braille primer available
from the RNIB However, there music department is not as helpful
as it should be.

Contact Visually Impaired Musicians Association

Also the RNCB Hereford

clareb wrote: Does a teacher need special skills to teach to a blind child?
Well it helps if they know braille music my wife went to a local teacher who had never had a blind student before and she got to grade 5
clareb wrote: Also, we do not have a proper piano at home, but have an electronic keyboard -- would this be OK for practising on?

Now you know the answer we are going to give on that one...... :lol:
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